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The Indian craftsman has been perfecting his art for centuries, passing down Traditions and Techniques from generation to generation. Indian Arts and Crafts are famous all over the world for their unique designs and immaculate craftsmanship that they have procured from their Ancestors. The result is a consummate blend of ancient skills and modern aesthetics. Each region has its own specialities; each town has its own local craftsmen & its own particular skills.

India is a Shopper's Paradise. The Indian Markets have always been a charm to visit. With hoards of shops and varieties, the Indian Market gives a wide range of variety to choose from. Kashmir has a long history of carpet making. Papier Mache is a characteristic Kashmir product. Marble Inlay Work, such as chess sets and ornamental plates, are a specialty of Agra; Sandalwood Carvings is from Karnataka; Rosewood from Kerala and Chennai; Pearls from Hyderabad; Silver Jewellery from Gujarat; Brocades from Varanasi; Indian Furniture with its intricate work and antique look from Rajasthan and Gujarat, etc.

The Arts & Crafts of India are never ending & the demand & need for such as exclusive & rich heritage will be there in the Indian Market as well as in the International Market.

The reason why most people leave India with excess Baggage..
Assam Pragjyotika Mekhala Work Bed sheets, Endi, Muga and Paat silks, Cane and Bamboo Products, Jewellery, Handmade Toys, Bell Metal & Brass items, Tribal Masks
Andhra Pradesh Lepakshi Ikkat Sarees, Pearls, Pochumpally Sarees, Harmavaram, Narayanpet, Magalgiri, Venkatgiri Silks and Cotton Sarees, Banjara Mirror Work, Silver Filigree Work, Attar, Kalamkari, Bidri Work
Arunachal Pradesh Craft Center Sherdukpen Shawls, Apatani Jackets & Scarves, Mishmi Shawls, Wancho Bags, Baskets and Masks made of Bamboo & Cane Ornaments, Wood Carvings, Incense Sticks, Thangka Paintings
Andaman & Nicobar Islands Sagarika Government Emporium Multi hued Corals and Seashell Souvenirs, Earrings, Bracelets, Pearl Jewellery & Artifacts, Palm Mats, Coconut Shell Lamp – Shed, Wood Craft Items, Handicraft made of local Padauk
Bihar Ambapali Stone and Bead Jewellery, Hand-painted Wall Hangings, Miniatures in Paper and Leaves, Appliqué Work on Fabric, Stone Pottery, Bamboo & Cane Work, Wooden Stools, Leather Goods
Chhattisgarh Shabari Bronze Ware, Woodcrafts & Bamboo Crafts, Bell Metal Items, Iron Item, Terracotta, Stone-sculpting, Cotton Fabrics
Delhi Bharti Zardozi Work, Kundan Jewellery, Marbles & Sand Stones, Carpets, Aromatic Items, Leather Goods, Bangles, Attar, Bamboo Work
Diu & Daman ---- Leather Slippers, Bamboo Mats and Baskets, Goods made of Seashell, Oysters, Brassware, Terracotta, Shell Work, Crochet, Carved Furniture
Dadra- Nagar Haveli --- Leather Slippers, Bamboo Mats and Baskets, Articles made of Greenish Gold Torpe Grass
Goa Aparant Cashew Nuts, Feni, Shell Work, Bamboo Work, Brassware, Curios and Old Coins, Artifacts made of Papier Mache, Beachwear and Hammocks
Gujarat Gurjari Bandhani Sarees, Mirror Work, Patan Patola, Wall Hangings, Appliquéd Quilts, Embroidered Footwear, Curios, Jute Crates
Haryana Black Patridge Phulkari Shawls and Punja Durrie, Brass & Metal Ware, Sandal, Bone, Wood Carving, Block Printed and Embroidered Fabric, Leather Craft (Tilla Juttis), Peedha Making
Himachal Pradesh Him Bunkar Kullu Caps & Shawls, Chamba Rumal, Tibetan Carpet and Buddhist Paintings, Metal Ware, Woolen Pullovers, Jackets, Cardigans, Gloves, Pickles, Jams and Juices, Traditional Jewellery, Local Tweeds, Sweaters
Jharkhand Jharcraft Tribal Handicrafts, Paitkar Paintings, Stone Carving, Bamboo Work, Metal Work, Ornaments
Jammu Kahsmir Poshish Carpets, Wooden Items, Crewel Work, Jamawar Shawls, Dorukha Shawls, Pashmina and Shahtoosh Shawls, Walnut Furniture, Saffron, Papier Mache Articles, Honey, Almonds and Fruits, Namdas, Pomegranate, Apples, Cricket Bat, Carpet and Rugs, Copper and Silverware Jewelery
Kerala Kairali Embroidered Mats, Tea, Coffee, Spices, Bells and Lamps, Keralite Jewellery, Model Boats like Teak Uru, Groovy Threads, Chinese Ceramics and Antiques, Pattu Pai (silky Grass Mats and Soft Mats), Brass Inlay Caskets, Kathakali Masks, Banana Chips, Cashew Nuts, Nilgiri Oil
Karnataka Cauvery Sandalwood Items, Items made of Elephant’s Tusk, Kasuti Silk Sarees, Mysore Silk, Rose Wood Items, Ganjifa, Bidriware, Kinhal, Stone Carvings, Incense Sticks
Lakshadweep Island ---- Handicrafts made of Corals Shells and Oysters
Madhya Pradesh Mrignayani Folk Paintings, Bamboo Work, Metal and Iron Craft, Tribal Accessories, Carpets and Durries, Dhokra, Maheshwari and Chanderi Saris, Pottery, Leather & Valvet Toys, Beaded Purses and Fabrics, Zardozi Embroidery on Lehanghas & Saree, Jute Crafts
Maharashtra Trimourti Paithani & Himroo Sarees, Sawantwadi Toys, Kolhapuri Chappals, Bidri Ware, Lacquer Ware, Warli Tribal Paintings, Kimkhab & Mashroo Weaves
Manipur Panthoibi Phanek Work, Woodcraft Work, Manipuri Bed Covers of Moirangfee, Hand-woven and Embroidered Textiles, Manipuri Dance Doll, Cane and Bamboo Work and Wood Carving, Mats made of Water Reed, Shawls and Blankets, Silk Sarees, Cotton Sarees, Kuki Shawls
Meghalaya Purbashree Wood-carving, Pineapple Fiber Articles, Cane & Bamboo work, Jewellery, Carpet & Silk weaving, Mounted Butterflies, Hand-woven Shawls, Orange Honey, Black Mushrooms, Khasi Dresses for Women
Mizoram Mizoram Handicraft & Handloom Hand-woven Fabric, Bamboo Crafts, Cane Products, Khumbeu Ceremonial Bamboo Hat, Shawls, Puan, Bags and Furnishing Materials, Caps
Nagaland Nagaland Handicraft & Handloom Basketry, Pottery, Metal Works, Shawls, Bags and Jackets, Woodcrafts, Tribal Jewelry
Orissa Utkalika Pipli Work, Ikkat Work, Palm Leaf Painting, Woven Fabric with Appliqué Work, Tie and Dye, Patta Chitra, Metal Crafts
Punjab Phulkari Phulkari Work, Hand-woven Shawls, Durries, Basketry, Needle work,  Leather Craft,   Woodwork,   Metalwork, Jutties
Pondicherry Pudumai Leather Goods, Handmade Crafts, Fabrics & Silk Saris, Aromatics Products, Décor items from Village Artisans, Antique Furniture, Glassware
Rajasthan Rajasthali Durries, Blue Pottery, Ethnic Kundan Jewelry, Block Printing, Lehria Work, Miniature Paintings, Gems and Jewels, Leather Items, Jaipuri Quilts, Sweets, Ivory Carvings, Tie and Dye Fabrics & Sarees, Bandhani Work, Lac Jewellery, Mirror Work, Embroidery Work, colourful Mojadi, Mehndi
Sikkim Directorate of Handicraft & Handloom Tibetan style Choksee Tables, Thangka Paintings, Carpets, Wooden Carved and Painted Items, Wooden Masks, Cane and Bamboo Works, Traditional Hats and Caps, Multi-Craft Items, Embroidered Products & Stuffed Dolls, Tea
Tripura Purbasha Bamboo & Cane Products, Furniture and Gift Items, Decorated Wall Panels, Lamp Shades
Tamil Nadu Poompuhar Kanjeevaram Sarees, Tea, Eucalyptus Oil,  Silk Fabric from Kanchipuram & Thanjavur, Jewelry, Pottery, Bronze and Brass Castings, Stone Sculptures, Woodcraft, Musical Instruments, Aromatic Oils & Spices
Uttarakhand Himadri Stone Carving, Wall Paintings, Wood Carving Items, hand-made Candles, Organic Items, Jewellery, Religious Statuettes, handmade Sweaters & Cardigans
Uttar Pradesh Gangotri Chikan Embroidery Work, Leather Work, Varanasi Brocade, Carpets of Mirzapur, Stone Craft work of Hamirpur, Marble Work of Agra, Zardozi, Chikankari, Glassware, Bangles, Pethas
West Bengal Manjusha Baluchari Sarees, Leather Goods, Batik Fabric, Tea, Dhokra and Metal Cast Items, Clay Models and Terracotta Items, Jute Products, Cane & Bamboo Work and Mats, Paintings
NOTE : It is forbidden to export antiques and art objects over 100 years old, animal skins or objects made from skins.

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