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Discover the Best Kept Secret of India

Exotic Tours is not for everyone...only for those that wish to travel smart and add that something “extra” to their vacations. Exotic tours are the ultimate experience for the discerning traveler in search of unique, off-the-beaten-path exploration. Discover the present and explore the past, listen to the stories, sample the foods, talk to the locals; see things from a different perspective.

We specialize in getting you “off-the-beaten-track” for an authentic and fun experience. We take you to less-frequented and unique places that represent all that is wonderful India. You can stay at a typical Indian Heritage Home on a coffee plantation in the hills of the Nilgiris, or in a Colonial Tea Bungalows in Sikkim. Take a camel safari through the colorful desert state of Rajasthan or enjoy Bamboo Rafting in the rivers of Karnataka. Whatever your soul desires, our Exotic Tours will pack in some unforgettable experiences.

True meaning of Exotic Tours is like  “Gaining Experience as a Local rather than a Tourist”.







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