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Have you ever wished for a slice of that simple life…where you are milking cows instead of clients, tending vegetables, not bossy egos, and riding free through rugged land instead of hurtling through the economic slowdown?

True India lies in its villages. To understand Nature, one has to get close to traditional lifestyle of villagers. A herd of buffalo wander back from the fields, a blue jays dart overhead, smoke rises from the cooking fires and the aromatic smell of spices flood the air. Women in brightly coloured saris carry water from the well and children play on the path. It’s that magical time when dusk settles in a thousand villages across the subcontinent and the night creeps in.

Rural Home Stays are designed to attract tourists, who desire to learn more about the varied life styles and crafts of our many villages. Stay in one of those mud houses with thatched roofs, painted elegantly with chalk powder and experience a life. We will take you to typical village to experience their lifestyle and their traditional ways, to doing things which helps them in keeping balance with Mother Nature.

Spend your holidays in the arms of Rural Tourism.



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