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Hidden Treasure of India

India is an amalgam of 437 types of tribes, consists of 8% of the total population. Considering the general features of their eco system, traditional economy, supernatural beliefs and practices, the tribes can be classified into six types, such as: (1) Hunting, Collecting and Gathering type (2) Cattle – Herder type (3) Simple Artisan type (4) Hill and Shifting Cultivation type (5) Settled Agriculture type and (6) Industrial Urban Worker type.

Linguistically the Tribes of India are broadly classified into four categories, namely (1) Indo – Aryans Speakers (2) Dravidian Speakers (3) Tibetan – Burmese Speakers and (4) Austric Speakers. There are some 400 Tribal Languages, which mean that most of the tribes have their own languages. However in majority cases, these languages are unwritten ones.

The various tribes in India have carefully preserved their age-old customs and traditions. These ancient cultures are virtually untouched by westernization; each of the tribes of India has certain distinct characteristics in Culture, Language, Costumes, and Handicrafts. They present an astounding array of tattoos, hairstyles, embroidery, and costume. They occupy the isolated villages of the country. Their lifestyle is conditioned to their surroundings. A major portion of tribal habitat is hilly and forested. Every activity, be it food habits, traditions followed, lifestyle, holds importance in the lives of these Tribal.

Immerse yourself in tribal village life in India and encounter India’s captivating range of cultures. In the western part of the country, in Rajasthan and Gujarat you can witness a way of life that is colorful, while in South India, the skillful craftsmanship of Todas of Nilgiri Hills will fascinate you. Their pastoral way of life clearly brings out the beauty in simplicity. In Central India, in the picturesque Jharkhand, you will get to see the Santhals and the tribals of Bastar. The Santhals are one of the oldest tribals living in India. Again, the north-eastern tribes of India are known for their traditional songs and dances, their colorful handmade clothing and intricately woven bamboo handicrafts.

Visiting the tribal regions is a step back in time and a true “off the beaten path” experience for the adventurous traveler.


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