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Mighty Roars, Melodious Chirpings, Encounters in the Wild

India has always been a very fascinating destination for all nature lovers. Range of India's wildlife can be seen in the large number of National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Tiger Reserves established by the Government of India in an attempt to conserve wildlife in the country. India's amazing bio-diversity is mainly because of its unique landscape that offers a large range of climatic zones across the country.

Enjoy exciting Jungle Safari Tours in a country that boosts 88 National Parks, 492 Wildlife Sanctuaries and 23 Tiger Reserves which are home to over 390 Mammals, 455 Reptiles, 210 Amphibians, 1,230 Bird Species and more than 50,000 species of Insects.

Watch the tiger roaming freely in the jungle, elephants and rhinos making their way through the tall grasses, crocodiles and hippos in the rivers along with the deer, monkey, bear, squirrels, mongoose etc. in the forests. India also has many bird sanctuaries, which offer bird watchers to see these beautiful birds from close distances. If snakes fascinate you, then pythons, cobras and many more reptiles can be seen in snake parks.

So plan a trip to the wilderness, to hear the myriad voices of nature.



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